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April 23, 2014

Where Talent Matters | A Bold Faced Blog Series...Meet Laura Ehlert

Posted 4 years 302 days ago by Sheila Lewis

Our Ashton Associates are great at what they do – that goes without saying. But terrific consultants are so much more than the work they do and we love to find out what other talents and passions motivate them away from the office.

This time, we’re talking with Laura Ehlert– a marketing consultant with a mission.

What do you do?
I'm a marketing and product management consultant for financial services clients. I help my clients enhance and build securities and brokerage products and I make the information about them accessible and usable for their customers.

What makes you ideal for this role?
I love investment products and I’m a passionate marketer – I’ve really found my niche!

It’s really a crusade for me. I hate to see people who have worked hard their whole lives not have a secure retirement because they were given the wrong information or no information. People are entitled to stop working and to identify a date for that—and I want to help them.

My first job in the industry was taking customer calls. It gave me a really good perspective on the impact that money management can have on a person’s life. Lots of calls were heartbreaking, with widows whose brokers had put them in the wrong kind of investments and so on. I really think that people in the financial services industry should work in customer service before taking any other role so that they really understand the human dimension.

What about when you’re not at work?
I enjoy stock trading. I trade on my own and I love doing the homework, investigating the companies and analyzing the prospects for growth. It’s very satisfying to pull all the pieces together and identify the best entry and exit points.

You really are passionate about money management! Any other hobbies?
I spend a lot of time on photography. It’s not about collecting memories, it’s about creating black and white art.

How did you get started in photography?
I really like black and white photographs and there are several photographers, including Henri Cartier-Bresson and Imogen Cunningham whose work I find amazing. . Their work inspired me to take classes at a studio here in San Francisco for a few years. 

Now, I love going to my favorite darkroom and developing and printing the photos. I’m using the other side of my brain!

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