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October 14, 2013

The Face of the Future Workforce

Posted 5 years 129 days ago by Alison Harrison

According to the latest census data, minorities will become the majority in the workforce by 2038. At the same time, the working population will be growing more slowly than in recent decades, meaning a shortage of young people to take the place of those retiring from the workforce.


In a recent article for Talent Management magazine Brookings Institute demographer, William Frey considered the implications. He insists that it’s vital to focus on the younger generation who will be entering the workforce as these changes play out. Various strategies for improving education and partnering with firms on technical training have been floated but getting these ideas to the forefront on a national scale is challenging.


So it’s likely that business leaders and managers will be the ones having to figure out how to manage these changes and the impacts that demographics will have on the workplace over the coming years.


These demographic changes and how you can staff strategically to make the most of the talent available are exactly the kinds of issues that we at Ashton212 love to think about. If we can help you prepare for the future, let us know.

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