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September 24, 2014

Making Plans for Emerging Roles

Posted 4 years 149 days ago by Alison Harrison

According to a report from the US Department of Labor published in 1999, 65% of children then in grade school would work in jobs that hadn’t yet been invented. If you think back over the last decade, it’s pretty clear that the DoL was probably right, and that it’s a trend that will continue.


Earlier this year, Thomas Frey wrote an article outlining 162 jobs that may come into being in the future given current trends—drone traffic controller or 3D printed food chef, anyone? 


Some companies are starting to strategize and prepare for roles that don’t yet exist.  In an article for Talent Management magazine in April, Jim Harris, vice president of talent management for Prudential Financial Inc. explains how his company is looking to define what future jobs might be needed.


“We are formally asking leaders across the company to scan the horizon, to look at business strategy…and say, ‘What are the emerging positions that aren’t on the list right now?’”  The company is trying to evaluate its history and business issues, and contextualize current trends to imagine, and prepare for new skills or roles that they might need for the future.


While it’s too soon to tell how successful Prudential’s efforts will be, it seems likely that companies that invest time in trying to forecast future employment needs will be the ones to capitalize on emerging trends. Is your company trying to anticipate the future? Are you scanning the horizon for the skills that will future proof the role that you perform? We’d love to hear more—share your perspective in the comments.

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