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June 17, 2015

Guest Blogger| Ashton Associate Jenny Clevidence on Leadership

Posted 4 years 35 days ago by Jenny Clevidence

The Leader You Choose to Follow vs. The Leader You Have to Follow

What differentiates the leader you would choose to follow vs. the leader you have to follow? It likely has less to do with their level of education, experience, or title and more to do with something we might refer to as the leadership response.


A leadership response is not something you can implement, execute, or create a goal around. It is the ability to respond appropriately to dynamic human beings and a constantly chaotic business environment. This requires a kind of attunement and “in touchness” that you can’t learn through more education, follow in 10 steps or less, or achieve by relaying a well-crafted script in a meeting.



Cultivating the leadership response is about feeling and sensing combined with thinking and doing, an often nebulous gray zone for most organizations that steer clear of feelings and intuition in the work place. They steer clear because feelings and intuition can be risky, illogical, and can’t be measured or fact checked. However, our greatest leaders stand up to the idea of operating solely on logic and reason and instead bring their authentic selves to the table, emotions and all. This doesn’t mean walking around exploding in anger, wiping up tears constantly, or going with your gut despite hard realities.


A leadership response requires:

  1. Being with our emotions in a way that isn’t about expressing or repressing, but about understanding. When we allow ourselves to truly feel and be with our own emotional qualities, we can better attune to and be in touch with the possibility of those we lead having their own emotional response. It creates an understanding, empathy, and compassion that helps us not only achieve results, but do so in a way that others would choose to follow us.
  2. Doing things differently, following our intuition to lead ourselves and others into innovative new territory, taking risks to fail fast and surpass standards of success.

We choose to follow those we can relate to, are inspired by, and feel understood, heard and seen by. We follow those who have cultivated an authentic leadership that includes feeling, sensing, thinking and doing.


Where to Find Jenny?

If you happen to be local, she’d love to meet up for a coffee or tea! You can reach out directly to find a time. To read more about Jenny and her work, visit her website.

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