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August 03, 2015

Shake Up Your Resume!

Posted 3 years 201 days ago by Sheila Ellian Lewis

Happy Summer 2015!


It’s hard to believe that we’ve passed the mid-point of the year and there’s so much still left to complete. With summer vacations already underway, the idea of taking a moment to update your resume with us may bring on a major headache. Or, you’ll simply say, “I’ll get to it when I return.” I really hope that you will and here’s why.


It’s very important that you periodically take the time to update your resume with summary information on your recent consulting engagements. Hiring managers are getting more and more specific about the type of talent they need and the skills and experience required to be successful. Many of them request that the talent we present them have experience with their company. That means when we search our database we may miss you because we have no idea that you may be the perfect fit!


How to Save Time Shaking Up Your Resume

Here are a few tips to get energized around this project and focus your thinking to make your way through it quickly:

  1. Add new skills that you’ve acquired in your most recent engagements.
  2. Add a section to your resume for quick project summaries of no more than 3-4 sentences. The more we know, the more we can share with hiring managers.
  3. Load in key words that will focus us in on exactly the work you did. Think about the position descriptions for the engagements you’ve completed and borrow from them.
  4. Add client names where you can.

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While you’re in your profile, take a minute to review your contact information and update anything that you think will help us in reviewing your credentials for opportunities we have. Contact us at 510-836-0323 should you experience any problems.


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Good luck shaking up your resume and if you’re vacationing this summer, relax, be safe and enjoy!

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