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December 17, 2015

Gifts That Make This Holiday Mean More

Posted 3 years 65 days ago by Candy Culver

Shopping for holiday gifts, it's so easy to get caught up in the holiday sales, deals and newest tech gadgets. but what if, in the words of Dr. Seuss, "Christmas ... perhaps ... means a little bit more" this year?

For heartfelt gifts that give back and help others, JustGive, A San Francisco-based nonprofit, has three great choices for you.

Grant Their Wishes
Make a charitable donation, in a friend or loved one's name, as your gift. It's a thoughtful way to support a cause they care about most or benefit the local community where they live. It's pretty simple to find the charity to donate to:   

  • Search by charity name or keyword using a database of nearly 2 million charities.
  • Browse recommended charities organized by cause in the JustGive Guide.
  • Select a local charity using your recipient's city or zip code.

Specific Charity Gift
Is a specific cause near and dear to your friend's or parent's heart? You can choose a gift from JustGive's Holiday Gift Guide for that cause, knowing exactly what it accomplishes. The guide contains 16 gifts for causes ranging from hunger to homelessness, children to animals, the environment and health, and more. For example:

Let Them Choose the Charity
Instead of defaulting to a Starbucks or retail card this year, surprise friends, clients or vendors with a charity gift card. This card puts the power of giving in their hands, and they decide what cause they'd like to support. It works like a typical gift card, except your recipients redeem it online at JustGive to give to their favorite charity.

Charity gift cards can be for any amount you'd like, and you can personalize them with a special photo or your business logo, and add a special holiday message. They're easy to deliver: send them by email instantly or print them just in time to give in person. They are perfect as a stocking stuffer or for that little something extra too!

As you tackle your list this holiday, we hope these ideas help you with gifts that matter ... just a little more. Sharing kindness and joy -- and to all a great gift!

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