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December 24, 2015

Where Happiness and Holidays Collide

Posted 3 years 58 days ago by Sheila Ellian Lewis

The end of each year signals a chance to reconnect with family and friends, reflect on the months gone by and share our resolutions for the new year. Some are thankful that the year is nearly over and others are requesting a do-over. Either way, a ton of happiness seems to infuse our minds and bodies as we smile when shouting out holiday greetings to everyone who crosses our path. It’s simply a joyful season.


It is a season full of promise and anticipation. A season full of goal-setting and diet cheating. A season of holiday cards from folks you hear from only at this time of the year with photos of growing children and grandchildren. A season of remembering all of the good fortune that has come your way and to give to those less fortunate.  A season where happiness and holidays collide.


The team at Ashton212 wishes you and all you love a very wonderful, safe and generous holiday and a new year full of more than you could ever imagine!

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