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December 06, 2012

The Season of Giving – Blue Planet Network

Posted 6 years 75 days ago by Sheila Ellian Lewis

Blue Planet Network is one of the two charities supported by Ashton212. The organization focuses on bringing safe,sustainable drinking water to communities worldwide by leveraging a global network of experts, program leaders and the general public.

We asked Lisa Nash, CEO of Blue Planet Network about leading the nonprofit and the importance of addressing the water crisis. You can read the full interview in an upcoming issue of our newsletter, Bold Assertions. In the meantime,here’s Lisa’s take on Blue Planet Network’s greatest achievement so far.

“We are focused on a fundamental human crisis that affects everything else on the planet. Without safe drinking water you get sick and die. With clean water, you can be healthy,you can go to school, you can develop your village, you can help your family.  It all grows from there.  The lack of safe drinking water is a solvable crisis; it’s not something you just wring your hands over.

“With our help, our 94 members in 27 countries have empowered more than 1 million people with sustainable safe drinking water. That is up from 20,000 people just a few years ago, so you really see that we’ve been able to add value.

We’ve crossed that one million mark now, and in five years we want to hit 10 million.”

Holiday Gifts

We’re proud to help and you can too.

Blue Planet Network has just launched an online Holiday Gift card. The beautiful, happy card celebrates the power of clean water to change lives. In this season of giving, please consider sending the card to friends and family members and making a gift donation in their honor. Just $30 is enough to provide one person with access to safe drinking water.

Find out more and donate at Blue Planet Network.

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