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November 06, 2017

Fund Her Launch

Posted 1 years 342 days ago by Sheila Lewis
We are nearing the anniversary of what was for many of us the most startling and disappointing national election ever and I'm sure that over the past several months, you've asked yourself, "What can I do to ensure that this never happens again?" Some of you have found your way to groups and organizations to talk or move into action. Others may have chosen to do some level of personal reflection to better understand the world around you, how you show up and what you may have missed along the way. Others may be engaged in both. 

I've been looking into a number of organizations that are working to favorably impact the outcomes of local, state and national elections and was recently introduced to Fund Her, the only Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to reaching gender parity in the California State Legislature by 2028.  Working alongside organizations that focus on training (Emerge) and recruiting (Close the Gap), Fund Her provides the missing piece—the financial support to ensure that accomplished progressive women are well-positioned to win.

Recently, I had the good fortune of meeting the Founder of Fund Her, Val McGinty. I love what she's doing and agreed to moderate the panel at the launch of Fund Her on this Wednesday, November 8, 2017, at the City Club in San Francisco. The panel will follow a keynote by Senator Hanna-Beth Jackson, California Fair Pay Act author. 
​If you're trying to figure out your role in moving a progressive agenda forward or in gaining gender equity in politics or are still seeking information before getting involved, please consider joining up with Fund Her. Make a donation or reach out to the organization to see how you can become involved. As we know, it takes a village to do so many things. As you're looking for yours, consider Fund Her.


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