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April 12, 2018

In Memoriam... Ashton

Posted 1 years 185 days ago by Mary Ann Munro and Sheila Lewis

It is with very heavy hearts that we share the news about our company namesake, Ashton puppy. After 17 full and vibrant years of play, chasing balls and herding—he was an Australian Shepherd after all—Ashton passed on April 12, 2018.   

Ashton was born on the East Coast but came to live in California about 10 years ago. He definitely preferred the California lifestyle with no snow, no humidity, lots of great parks and oh the food scene! He was particularly passionate about his food, especially his treats. Ashton was a constant companion to his best friend Jon and served alongside him through life’s many journeys.

During our first company strategy meeting, Ashton made an especially big impact. He took responsibility for herding the team into position, made sure his opinion was heard loud and clear and continued to watch over us as Chief of Security.


Feisty and protective. Playful and charming. Loyal and eager. It is a sad day for all who knew Ashton. He will truly be missed by all who loved him!


Rest in peace sweet one.


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