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August 22, 2018

How Women Lead Launches the 2018 Women Leaders of the World Initiative

Posted 333 days ago by Sheila Ellian Lewis
How Women Lead, a Bay Area women leader's network, is a champion for promoting diverse women’s voices and propelling her leadership forward. How Women Lead brings together influential women in an inclusive and highly supportive community to provide a platform for thought leadership, to collaborate, and to share resources and stories. Over the past 2+ years, I have had the good fortune of serving on the organization's Executive Board of Advisors and couldn't be more proud of what has been accomplished under the leadership of our Founder and CEO, Julie Castro Abrams.

This month, we launched our 2018 Women Leaders for the World initiative in San Francisco and Oakland. More than 80 women leaders met up to learn more and consider becoming a Global Advisor to this year's cohort comprised of women from around the world. These women are tomorrow's Nobel Peace Prize winners, social change innovators and industry disruptors.

We know that leading change is exhilarating - and can be lonely. We also know that when women leaders are supported by their own 'board of advisors' they can go farther and sustain their impact. Women Leaders for the World is a transformative leadership training experience supported by a network of inspirational Global Advisors who help participants expand their vision and accelerate their impact globally.

Congratulations to the members of this year's cohort and welcome to our newest Global Advisors!

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