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January 13, 2019

Monday Is An Emotion…

Posted 326 days ago by Sheila Ellian Lewis and Jacqueline Johnson

Last fall I met a young woman and in passing as we often do, I asked, “How are you?” She said, “I’m okay. It’s Monday. Monday is an emotion.” I immediately chuckled and acknowledged that she was actually quite correct. Monday can be a lot of things but mostly it’s really an emotion. Probably many emotions if you think about it.

The emotions start on Sunday evening. The time when you are reminded that you’ve put off a lot of things that you planned to do over the weekend. Yet, here it is, Sunday evening and the stress begins to settle into your bones and spirit as thoughts turn to what’s awaiting you on… Monday.

If you’re fortunate to get to bed at a decent time, and I mean lights out, you awaken with full knowledge that Monday has indeed arrived and you commence your get to work routine. For some it starts at the gym, others face down in a cup of java. However you get started, your emotions are fully engaged as you stare down the week ahead.

You may be excited as you anticipate a fabulous week of significant accomplishments. You may be anxious about a big presentation or meeting. You might still be weary from last week’s work hangover. No matter what’s motivating or pulling at you, there’s a palpable emotion tied to it and it’s exacerbated because it’s… Monday.

Back to my Monday encounter. I shared with the young woman that I was going to write a blog about Monday being an emotion and would attribute it to her. A couple of months and at least 8 Monday’s passed and I still hadn’t written the blog but I did run into her again. I told her that I had used that line countless times since I’d last seen her, always sharing where the thought came from, and that everyone’s response was the same as mine. An immediate recognition that she was correct. Monday IS an emotion.

This time, she shared that she had written a poem about Monday and wanted to send it to me. Within minutes I had her poem in my inbox and I’m delighted to introduce you to Jacqueline Johnson and to her poem, Monday is an emotion. Jackie has been a reminder that you never know when you’ll meet someone who inspires you in ways you never thought; that there is talent within each of us; and that something you hear one time can change the way you think, forever. Thank you, Jackie!

Monday is an emotion 

No coffee, no pastry, no magic potion,

Can stop the all-consuming gloom and emotional erosion

caused by the waves and explosions

Of Monday’s emotions.


Monday is like riding the endless tide of commotion

while time drags on in slow motion.


So unpredictable like the ocean,

back and forth Monday sways.

Bringing you so close to Friday, until

the tide comes and sweeps you further away.


Monday has impulsively inserted itself at the beginning of each week.


You look forward to Friday…but you blink

and Monday is staring you in the face and you shriek!


No one can avoid the undeniable implosion

That accompanies

Monday’s emotions.


Saturday brings a bliss

so sweet that you glow!

Before you adjust

Monday comes in a hurry and you have no

choice but to sadly watch the day go.

Monday swoops in rushing you through the week

With no hello.


Sunday is so sweet…so slow.

Yet sadly Monday comes in a hurry and tells the day to go.

Tuesday through Friday are days.

Monday is an emotion.

No coffee, no pastry, no magic potion,

Can stop the all-consuming gloom and emotional erosion

caused by the waves and explosions

Of Monday’s emotions.

© Jacqueline Johnson


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