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March 10, 2014

Where Talent Matters | A Bold Faced Blog Series ... Meet Ross Tuttle

Posted 4 years 346 days ago by Alison Harrison

Our Ashton Associates are great at what they do – that goes without saying. But terrific consultants are so much more than the work they do and we love to find out what other talents and passions motivate them away from the office.

This time, we’re talking with Ross Tuttle – an HR consultant with a surprising and creative side business.

What do you do? I consult across several disciplines with my main focus being HR and administrative management. Currently I’m the Senior Advisor the Assistant Regional Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, here in Dallas. I’m the go-between and the liaison to make sure he had everything he needs to administer all the non-program function for the EPA from HR to facilities management.

What makes you ideal for this role? What I’ve found with some colleagues through the years is that people could be very knowledgeable about the HR world but didn’t have the same grasp of what plays out beyond our area. I enjoy what I do and I like to make the effort to learn about what other people are doing. It’s important for me to know what colleagues in different areas are doing and how HR can serve them better and support them in the operational work that they do.

I tend to be proactive rather than reactive and I think that helps. We’re making inroads into changing people’s opinions of HR and I enjoy getting managers and supervisors to partner with me.

What about when you’re not at work? Outside of work, I own a small business. I make cowboy boot purses. Folks here in Texas get very attached to their boots and they don’t like to lose their old ones. I’ll talk to the customer and come up with a design especially for them. I custom make the handles and add beads and jewels and conch shells. We call it upcycling to original! It allows folks to keep their fond memories.

How did you get started? It’s a recent thing. I wanted something to relieve the stress of work, and I like working with my hands and trying different things. I was visiting a barrel racing exhibition and a vendor was selling these bags and I looked them over really carefully.

I got started with a pair of my old boots. They were pretty basic so if I messed up I wasn’t too upset about it. It’s grown from there and I’m at the point where I’m about to launch a website.

Is it going to grow into a big business for you? It’s really just a hobby and what I most enjoy about it that I get to spend time talking to different people and hearing their stories. I enjoy doing it since every piece is unique and I don’t want it to ever get to the point where I’m too busy to spend time with people.

It sounds like a real cowboy life – out in Texas, working on those boots! Well, I’m originally from Maryland so I’m not a native Texan - but I got here as quick as I could!

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