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What Do Introspection and Inclusion Have to Do with Diversity? Everything.

7/23/2018   Can you afford to fail at your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives? The investment of time and money will never outweigh the benefits if your initiative is done correctly. Read about 2 things that are critical to your success. Read More

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Sobre Mesa, A Deep and Honest Conversation About Diversity & Inclusion

1/31/2017   November 2016 will go down as the Fall Uprising: politics, identity and the uncommon pursuit of justice in the United States. An uprising that shattered unwritten rules on what gets talked about in the workplace: politics, religion and race were being openly discussed and even asked about—outside a diversity training workshop. Read More

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In Honor of the Immigrant Veteran Legacy and Diversity

11/11/2016   This blog is dedicated to all my hermanas veteranas for serving our country, leading our troops and disrupting traditional gender roles. Read More


Sheila Facilitates Entrepreneur’s Panel in San Francisco

7/3/2015   The San Francisco Chapter of the National Black MBA Association hosted their first in a series of panels targeting current and “hope to be” entrepreneurs - Planning for Your Business. Read More


Veteran Unemployment Higher Than for Non-Vets

11/10/2014   For all who own or run organizations, large and small, the idea of hiring veterans should become a high priority. Read More


The Challenges of Global Management

10/20/2014   Successful globalization strategies begin with the preparedness of corporate management to recognize what they know - and what they don't. Being globally competent is a challenge some American companies may not be ready for. Read More

Recap: Ashton212’s Inclusivity Choice™ Initiative – March 13, 2014

4/30/2014   On March 13th, Ashton212 held its second Inclusivity Choice™ event for members and guests of the San Francisco Black MBA Chapter. Participants attending the event learned about, “The Deep Dark Secrets of a Successful Consultancy”. The goal of the evening program was to provide attendees a sampling of what one would need to know and think about before jumping into the world of consulting. Read More

Panelists Announced for March 13 Inclusivity Choice Initiative! The Deep Dark Secrets of A Successful Consultancy

2/24/2014   We are pleased to announce our panelists for our March 13th meeting to be held at our office. If you are seriously considering becoming a consultant and/or starting a consulting firm, this event should be on your list of places to be. Read More

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Announcing Our 2nd Inclusivity Choice Program on March 13!

2/17/2014   We are delighted to announce our second panel discussion: The Deep Dark Secrets of a Successful Consultancy. Read More

Panelists and Facilitator Announced for Our October 24th Inclusivity Choice Initiative!

9/24/2013   We are pleased to announce our panelists and facilitator for the "So You Want To Be A Consultant?" event to be held at our office. If you’ve ever considered becoming a consultant, this is a must attend event. The team at Ashton212 has decades of experience placing subject matter experts and project teams on assignment at many of the largest firms in the country. Read More

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