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Welcome to the Future 

Making Plans for Emerging Roles

9/24/2014   What types of jobs will exist in the not too distant future that don't exist today? Read More

contingent workers 

More Contingent Workers is a Sign of Things to Come

8/25/2014   The contingent workforce is here to stay. Many reasons drive the increases we are seeing today. Read More

Old Dogs New Tricks (2).jpg 

Old Dogs, New Tricks?

11/4/2013   The assumption that baby boomers would follow their parents’ model and move into retirement promptly at 60 has been radically altered by the recent economic crisis and recession. We take a look at how learning options are developing to meet the needs of an older workforce. Read More

Millennial Leaders  

A New Wave of Leaders

10/21/2013   Millennials are increasingly taking leadership roles. What effect will this have on the business environment? Read More

The Face of the Future Workforce 

The Face of the Future Workforce

10/14/2013   According to the latest census data, minorities will become the majority in the workforce by 2038. Read More

The World is Going Freelance – But Should You? 

The World is Going Freelance – But Should You?

8/30/2013   Increasing numbers of workers are opting for, or being encouraged into, the freelance life. While all this sounds very positive for businesses that rely on independent workers, is that only one part of the picture? Not every job is suited to the independent or remote model. There will always be jobs where employees need to physically be in the same place at the same time and not everyone wants or is suited to the independent life. Read More

Workforce Planning in the Age of the Consultant

7/23/2013   Figures shared by the Freelancers Union suggest that one-third of the workforce is self-employed or provides some form of contingent work. That number is increasing and recent studies suggest the proportion could hit 40 percent by the end of the decade. That's good news for consultants but it will also affect workforce planning for many businesses. Read More

The Changing Face of the Workforce 

The Changing Face of the Workforce

6/18/2013   According to the latest population predictions from the Census Bureau, minorities will become the majority in the workforce by 2038.In addition, the population as a whole will grow more slowly. These changes will have a dramatic effect on the workforce as we know it today. Read More


Contingency Workforce Important Part of Long-Term Business Strategy

10/1/2012   A recent report from Randstand shows 67 percent of U.S. companies using a mix of permanent and contingent workers, of whom nearly one quarter (21 percent) expect to expand their contingent workers over the next year. Read More

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