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Sobre Mesa, A Deep and Honest Conversation About Diversity & Inclusion

1/31/2017   November 2016 will go down as the Fall Uprising: politics, identity and the uncommon pursuit of justice in the United States. An uprising that shattered unwritten rules on what gets talked about in the workplace: politics, religion and race were being openly discussed and even asked about—outside a diversity training workshop. Read More


Keeping the Promise to Hire Vets

11/11/2013   There's lots of talk about hiring vets, but it takes more than promises. Both vets and businesses need to address the cultural and language challenges in transitioning from the military to the civilian world. Read More

The Face of the Future Workforce 

The Face of the Future Workforce

10/14/2013   According to the latest census data, minorities will become the majority in the workforce by 2038. Read More

Introducing Inclusivity Choice™

8/20/2013   For decades corporate America has found attracting, nurturing, promoting and retaining diverse talent to be a challenge, leaving an ongoing void in mid- to senior-level positions. Ashton212 has a uniquely different way of envisioning a diverse workforce. Read More

The Changing Face of the Workforce 

The Changing Face of the Workforce

6/18/2013   According to the latest population predictions from the Census Bureau, minorities will become the majority in the workforce by 2038.In addition, the population as a whole will grow more slowly. These changes will have a dramatic effect on the workforce as we know it today. Read More

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