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The Power of Teams 

The Power of Teams (Part 1)

7/29/2013   You’ve probably never heard of Charles Batcheldor, John Kreusi, Ludwig Boehm or Francis Upton, but it was their teamwork under the great Thomas Edison that led to an astonishing stream of breakthrough technologies and products including the phonograph and the light bulb. Likewise, it’s hard to imagine that Steve Jobs could have built Apple to its current success without those early days alongside the four man research team that came up with the original Macintosh computer, a turning point in the history of personal computing. Read More

Workforce Planning in the Age of the Consultant

7/23/2013   Figures shared by the Freelancers Union suggest that one-third of the workforce is self-employed or provides some form of contingent work. That number is increasing and recent studies suggest the proportion could hit 40 percent by the end of the decade. That's good news for consultants but it will also affect workforce planning for many businesses. Read More

Step Away from the Office 

Step Away from the Office!

7/15/2013   If you're a consultant, finding a good time for a vacation can seem impossible. Sheila takes a look at the good reasons why you should book that time off. Read More

Do the Right Thing

7/9/2013   Mary Ann takes a look at whether consultants are bound by more than legal agreements and the role of ethics in building a consulting practice. Read More

Our Ashton212 Interns Have Arrived!

7/5/2013   We had some fresh faces around the office this summer. We're thrilled to introduce Bernita Dillard and Queen Denchukwu. Read More

The Proper Care and Feeding of Interns

7/2/2013   With lots of businesses taking on interns for the summer, check out our tips for ensuring that everyone benefits from the arrangement. Read More

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