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A Precious Gift for Mother's Day

5/7/2014   This Mother's Day, consider a gift that saves lives. Read More

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Holiday Gifting with Meaning

12/9/2013   Would you like to do something great for someone special while doing something really great for others? We've got the perfect gift idea for you or your business. Read More

First Place for Youth 

Donate the Gift of Education

9/9/2013   For many of us, education brought opportunities that have allowed us to create a satisfying career and a rewarding life. For most of us, the chance to complete our schooling was taken for granted. It's not so for everyone. But you can help. Read More

Ashton212 Select Charity – First Place for Youth

8/1/2013   Here at Ashton212, we’re proud to support the work of First Place for Youth, and you can too at First Place for Youth. Read More

Oklahoma Tornadoes 

Oklahoma Tornadoes

5/21/2013   Our hearts are with the people of Oklahoma who have suffered the devastating effects of massive tornadoes this week. Read More

Blue Planet Network 

Give the Gift of Clean Water

5/1/2013   Here at Ashton212, we’re proud to help and you can too. Please consider a gift in honor of a friend or family member. Just $30 is enough to provide one person with access to safe drinking water. Find out more and donate at Blue Planet Network. Read More

Blue Planet Network 

The Season of Giving – Blue Planet Network

12/6/2012   We asked Lisa Nash, CEO of Blue Planet Network about leading the nonprofit and the importance of addressing the water crisis and about an easy way for people to support their work in this season of giving. Read More


Ashton212's Select Charities

11/15/2012   It's very important to us that Ashton212 provides a way to give back to the community and promote worthwhile projects. Read More

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