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Sheila Lewis 

What's Bold Got To Do With It?

10/16/2012   We talk a lot about Ashton212’s bold approach to workforce solutions but what does it mean in practice and where did it spring from? Sheila Lewis spills the beans. Read More


Contingency Workforce Important Part of Long-Term Business Strategy

10/1/2012   A recent report from Randstand shows 67 percent of U.S. companies using a mix of permanent and contingent workers, of whom nearly one quarter (21 percent) expect to expand their contingent workers over the next year. Read More


On the Lookout | A Bold Faced Blog Series ... Meet Dr. Lynda Applegate

9/22/2012   Ashton212 is lucky to have access to some really big business brains—our Lookout Team. This month, we introduce Dr. Lynda Applegate. Read More

Yes, We're Different

9/15/2012   Different is sometimes better and in the business of consulting and professional staffing, Ashton212 has carved out a niche that fits for consultants and clients alike. Read More

Introducing Ashton212!

9/1/2012   If you’re ready for a fresh approach to professional staffing – you’ve come to the right place! Read More

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