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Ashton212's CEO Sheila Lewis to Close Conference at Mills College

1/6/2014   On Friday, February 7, 2014, Sheila Lewis, Ashton212's CEO, will provide closing comments for the Mills College Graduate School of Business Black Success Conference. Read More

Happy Holidays 

Happy Holidays!

12/31/2013   Happy New Year and be sure to join us in 2014 as we continue redefining the world of consulting! Read More

On the Lookout | A Bold Faced Blog Series ... Meet Sally Crawford

12/20/2013   Ashton212 is lucky to have access to some really big business brains—our Lookout Team. This month, we introduce Sally Crawford. Read More

Holiday Gifting: We’re Making it Easy for You!

12/16/2013   Still looking for holiday gifts for family and friends? We’ve got a few suggestions for thoughtful gifts that support local businesses and our select charities. Read More

GiveNow Dove 

Holiday Gifting with Meaning

12/9/2013   Would you like to do something great for someone special while doing something really great for others? We've got the perfect gift idea for you or your business. Read More

How to Hire the Right Consultant.jpg 

How to Hire the Right Consultant

12/2/2013   The right consultant will solve a problem and propel your business forward. But just like full-time employees, consultant will work best in different settings and on different projects. How do you make sure you're choosing the best person, or team, for your needs? Read More

Happy Thanksgiving.jpg 

This Thanksgiving, Pay it Forward

11/26/2013   On Thanksgiving and for every day for the rest of the year, pause to consider all that is available to you, all that you have and all that is coming your way. And consider doing the unexpected Read More

Vince Trombetta 

Say a Quick Hello to Our Newest Team Members

11/17/2013   We are delighted to add new talent to our HQ team in Oakland. Read More


Keeping the Promise to Hire Vets

11/11/2013   There's lots of talk about hiring vets, but it takes more than promises. Both vets and businesses need to address the cultural and language challenges in transitioning from the military to the civilian world. Read More

African American Community Health Advisory Committee 

Ashton212's CEO Sheila Lewis to Emcee Women's Health Conference

11/8/2013   Sheila Lewis, our CEO & Ashton Navigator, will serve as emcee of the 2013 Women's Health Conference hosted by the African American Community Health Advisory Committee, the community outreach initiative for Sutter Health Mills-Peninsula Health Services, Read More

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