Developing leaders who inspire and sustain others to purposeful action, impact and results.

Authentically Inspired Cultures Generate Success

We know that you’re running fast to keep up with the myriad of important and dramatic shifts in business. Nearly every day there is a new headline from near or far speaking to globalization, a slowdown of some economies and increases in others, the influx of technology, rising energy costs and regulatory requirements. There is not an industry that is safe from this accelerating disruption.

The businesses that will survive are those that are quick and agile enough to adapt to conditions as they are, not as they were. The ability to break through the issues and achieve business goals requires attention to the internal dynamics of people and culture.

Ashton212 serves socially conscious leaders and organizations that are ready for purpose-driven, values–focused transformation. With us, leaders will distill their purpose into a clear business plan that translates purpose into action that accelerates business transformation by building Authentic Places.

By disrupting your mindset; rethinking the purpose of your business; untangling complexities; fine-tuning your leadership style to engage professionals of every generation, culture, and background; benefiting from the collective wisdom of your staff; you and your organization will achieve the success you’ve worked for.


Who Should Participate?

  • Executives
  • Senior and mid-level managers
  • Global market and business strategists
  • Business development and integration leaders
  • Organization change agents, senior human resources and organization design and development leaders
  • Cross-functional, regional, or global teams
  • Teams brought together via merger or acquisition, or are in the midst of a restructure or strategic shift.



To get your organization to lean forward into and embrace the changes that are necessary to thrive in today’s global business environment, you must redefine how you think, work and manage.

  • Leadership is redefined by examining your current leadership approaches based on today’s social, political, cultural and economic contexts.
  • Businesses are redefined by infusing personal purpose, core needs and passions of the individuals who lead them.
  • Organizational structure is redefined by flipping hierarchical models where the follower is expected to lead as effectively as the identified leader.

At Ashton212, we redefine consulting by blending human systems and team-building learning including brain-based approaches, to chart the journey, not define the destination.


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