Tastes on the Fly | Create an Airport Restauranter Brand

Taste on the Fly LogoTastes on the Fly, a part of San Francisco’s D-Lew Enterprises, a privately held 5-unit airport restauranteur, was founded in 1999. A team of diversely talented partners combined their experiences generated from hugely successful restaurants and event ventures. Today, Tastes on the Fly has grown into one of the world’s leading boutique airport dining operators with locations at New York’s JFK, Boston’s Logan Airport, San Francisco International (SFO) and Denver’s International Airport.


Gain credibility with airport concession directors while positioning themselves competitively against larger airport.


Through research, we helped them understand their points of difference: 

  • They were the boutique airport restaurant group that was trusted by local top chefs to authentically recreate their brands on concourses so that the diner’s experience was indistinguishable from a street location. 
  • They had created a company name that reflected their mission. 

Next, we took the lead in bringing the brand to life. Our project lead led the creation of their website, managed their advertising and public relations programs and took the lead on the development of airport RFPs for future locations, work that continues today.


Since this work commenced, the Tastes on the Fly Restaurant Group has grown to 14 restaurant brands in four domestic airports. They have been recognized for their quality and innovation by winning every eligible airport concession award. Their original concept, Napa Farms Market, has set the standard for airport farmer’s markets around the country and helped San Francisco International Airport (SFO) earn top honors in airport concessions.