Blue Shield of California | Increase Prospect Close Rates

Blue Shield LogoBlue Shield of California is a health plan provider founded in 1939 and based in San Francisco, California. The organization serves over 4 million health plan members and nearly 65,000 physicians across the state.


With low quality uncoordinated communications campaigns and skyrocketing new member acquisition costs, identify who within the organization interacted with prospects and increase close rates.


We developed a multi-leveled customer journey map that covered every touch, both B2B and B2C, across the organization. We plotted the metrics, data flows, customer testimonials, collateral, and digital interactions across the full lifecycle. Finally, we analyzed the gaps and overlaps, created and prioritized initiatives, and then created an improvement roadmap.


With a new communications calendar, interactions improved and a warning system was implemented to brokers/contact center so they could staff accordingly. New data flows were identified to ensure optimal customer journey timing from phase to phase. Renewals increased due to the increased level of communication at key points in the customer lifecycle, the reduction of communication at points that were not as important, and the implementation of meaningful enhancements. Overall communication costs were lowered while benchmark scores improved.