Village-Connect, Inc. | Developing a Communication Framework

Village Connect LogoVillage-Connect, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit social service agency, founded in 2005, to build the capacity of people to become more self-aware and self-directed, resulting in the rise of the inner-empowerment that positively transforms quality of life.


Village-Connect seeks to break through the clutter of myriad social service agencies serving Oakland, Alameda County and the greater Bay Area, both in perceptions and practice. They do this by uniting these agencies, thereby creating a community solution that more broadly, and seamlessly, provides remedies, sustainability and growth. Their challenge was to determine how best to position themselves in the market, and to do so clearly and succinctly.


We provided pro bono services to help frame the work of Village-Connect by exploring a more meaningful marketplace positioning and directing the language for grants and other fundraising initiatives. We led a mini-communications planning session with topics including: language currently in use to describe the organization and its work, current positioning, target stakeholders and organizational messaging. Staff and Board members participated in the session.


An 11-page Brand Communications Summary and Recommendation provided leadership with heightened clarity around the limitations of the language currently used to describe the organization and its work as well as their methodology for identifying and grouping stakeholders. It also provided a more solid foundation for the development of effective marketing communication programs.