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Acorn LogoAcorn is a product development and design company focused on creating patented products on behalf of clients worldwide. With offices in California, China, Texas and Boston, Acorn has developed products for many of the world’s best known brands including Dell, Hoefer Pharmacia Biotech, and HP. Their product design, analysis, engineering, and manufacturing expertise are woven into hundreds of award-winning products. From proof of concept to the factory floor, Acorn works with clients at any stage of a project.


Acorn needed to develop a sales profile for future sales team members with an immediate need to fill a key sales position. To win in the sales channel, and maximize the individual contributions of new team members, Acorn looked to us to create a marketplace “game changer” to ensure their near- and long-term success. They also needed assistance in recruiting and hiring a top-tier consultative sales leader with deep industry background. Previous recruitment efforts fell short of their goals.


We implemented a personality assessment index tool that is now administered to all incoming sales team members. This work contributed to the sales profile used to inform hiring managers and recruiters as they source and pursue new employees.


We successfully vetted and hired a new account executive and integrated him onto the Acorn team. He continues to be one of the main contributors to the Acorn organization.

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