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Gunert SteelCentrally located in Ripon, California, Guntert Steel (Guntert) provides carbon, stainless and aluminum flat roll, plate, tubing, pipe, structural shape, merchant bar and grating needs. They maintain an extensive supply of common shapes and sizes as well as difficult to find items. With their wide assortment of in house, modern, pre-production processing tools, they also offer a wide array of high quality and fast value added services such as sawing, shearing, burning (including plasma and laser), forming, rolling, punching and drilling.


Guntert needed to turn up the volume in their sales area. They needed a new way to identify, assess, onboard and train new sales associates. Challenged with limited in-house expertise, Guntert turned to our Project Lead to provide a top down lens on the current situation with the goal of creating discipline and sustainability to support the firm’s projected growth.


First, the current team was put through the paces of a personality index and onsite assessment conducted by our Project Lead. The results and interaction with the team generated the creation of a foundational sales training curriculum for the entire sales organization. This training was delivered through interactive onsite, structured classroom sessions using a customized curriculum. A customized sales playbook was also created that presented best practices, anticipated role play scenarios and other information critical to the success of individual team members. 

This work informed the “type” of talent who would be most successful at Guntert and aided hiring managers in the interview and vetting process. 

Our Project Lead also coached sales team members on their presentation skills and HR personnel on the best configuration of sales compensation plans.


At the end of the engagement, the sales team is was fully staffed and operating at plan and above the prior year levels. The sales playbook is now an important part of the training and onboarding process for all new sales associates; and new team members are more quickly promoted into positions with increased responsibility and are having a more immediate impact on the bottom line.

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