New Print-on-Demand Platform

International financial services company with bi-coastal domestic footprint. Worked as the Lead Marketing Project Manager for the Implementation and execution of Print-on-Demand (POD) Conversion and Brand Update.


The client decided to migrate over all collateral pieces to a new Print-on-Demand (POD) platform—increasing efficiency and further solidifying cost-savings efforts. The new platform would be user friendly with a workable interface—taking the fulfillment process from the Marketing Department directly to the user. 

The client would need to migrate over 500+ pieces to a new vendor, and for all existing pieces transition to the new platform. While working on this transition, the collateral pieces would need to be updated to new brand standards, and all existing pieces assessed for brand integrity. Additionally, each new piece would need to be tested and reviewed to ensure that all information was intact, and from a user experience, easy, efficient and seamless—free from glitches or hiccups to the end-user.


We decided to prioritize the largest buckets by LOB and move forward with the collateral pieces that were in-progress of being updated to new brand. Each week, milestone goals and SLAs were established and each piece was tested. Our goal was to transition all new pieces within an eight week timeframe. 

We applied Six Sigma methodologies to improve processes, and implemented myriad changes that improved user efficiency.


The client successfully migrated over all material to this new platform. User experience was favorable—collateral is now being ordered and printed quickly and efficiently.

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