Competitive Assessment of Online Learning Centers

A large financial services company with many diversified interests. Worked as the Market Research Project Manager.


The client need to understand why a competitor had been so successful in attracting many users with its new learning center website, which was in direct competition with their offering. The challenge was to fully to evaluate the content of the competitor’s site, the competitor’s marketing activities including media mix, and partnership activity, to determine how they were “winning” in the market place.


The first step was to become immersed in the competitor’s web offering to understand every nuance of the user experience. This was followed by a search for online information that might hint to their launch strategy and a comprehensive review of web tracking data and ad spend. Finally, all data points were compared internally and against other major competitors.


The findings from the study and presentation drove the client to consider increasing their media budget and changing the marketing mix to promote their version of the product. It also made them aware that a competitor might have more than just a profit motive when creating a new offer—one that they had not considered.

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