Branding a New Corporate Entity

International financial services company with bi-coastal domestic footprint. Worked on the consumer marketing team.


The client was going through a corporate identity change and brand elements of a new entity had to be incorporated into the logo and legal information. This included literature, advertising, logos and branch signage. There were two big challenges: 

  1. Every department head took this as an opportunity to upgrade their information and not just the graphics. 
  2. Many departments had their own merchandising units that were different sizes and not interchangeable with the client’s overall format.


A systematized project management approach was used to coordinate the broad range of materials involved in this project. A new, easy to use, freestanding merchandising unit was designed to meet the needs of the multiple departments.


The new corporate identity was acknowledged by the firm’s President in an all-hands meeting. Of note was the acknowledgement that this work was completed on time, within budget, and exceeded anything that had previously accomplished of this magnitude.

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