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The client had recently defined a project to reframe their marketing communication to capture the elements of a new service and position more strongly against their target audience. Included in this initiative was a desire to develop a tagline to be used in conjunction with the firm’s name in print and electronic media. In addition, Crawford was in the process of re-branding their website.


We were retained to develop the brand communication platform. This included the development of organizational guiding principles, positioning statement, marketing objectives, tagline, key messages and sample copy; identification of target audiences; and priority ranking of key messages against target audiences.

A key driver of ongoing communication for Crawford, was the new tag line we created—Our difference is in your results. The tagline spoke to a very strong client benefit—results—and allowed clients to define their own results. The tagline directly connected Crawford to their clients and acknowledged that Crawford, without hesitation, contributes to their clients’ business results and chooses to remain engaged and involved with clients. It further suggested that Crawford is proud to be associated with clients and their achievements.


The client had a roadmap for their refreshed visual identity and the messaging necessary to clearly articulate their expanded service capability.

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