Alameda Health System | Manager, Healthcare Marketing

Alameda Health LogoAlameda Health System (AHS) is a major public health care provider and medical training institution recognized for its world-class patient and family centered system of care. Through a welcomed partnership between patient, family and the healthcare team, AHS provides comprehensive, high quality medical treatment, health promotion, disease prevention and health maintenance in an integrated system of hospitals, clinics, and health services. As a training institution, AHS maintains an environment that is supportive of a wide range of educational programs and activities, including education of medical students, interns, residents, continuing education for medical nursing, and other staff, along with medical research.


To further the execution and coordination of clinical and institutional communications activities, AHS needed a mid-level marketing professional who would report to the Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing. There was a sense of urgency to filling this role.


After an extensive Bay Area-wide search, Ashton212 presented a candidate with healthcare experience combined with hands on marketing expertise across multiple communications platforms, including digital channels. With added skills in writing and successful projects targeting both internal and external stakeholders, this candidate was selected by the client.


Our work assisting the client in more clearly articulating the responsibilities for the new hire helped get this project off on the right path. Often replacing someone who has left an organization isn’t so much the goal as is determining where the organization is headed and ensuring the right combination of skills is represented on the team to drive toward new goals.

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