Integrated communication and marketing services that ensure your employees and customers understand your brand's proposition.

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Our communications and marketing  consulting services encompass a range of programs you need to effectively drive revenue. Whether identifying your marketing pain points through big data analytics; touching up your brand for a relaunch; mapping your customers’ end-to-end experience with your brand; or training your customer facing employees— Ashton212 is ready to help drive your firm’s revenue toward meeting, or beating, your goals.

Our teams of consultants have broad and deep experience handling large scale, statement/scope-of-work (SOW) initiatives. They work under the direction of Project Leads who have achieved significant and notable success in client engagements and who own their own firms. 

Our Project Leads build their bench of consultants from our community and select from this pool as client engagements come forth. This results in team members who work together over and over again, creating a unified approach and rhythm to their work that rivals any competitor out there. As a unit, teams are equipped to address division level or enterprise-wide business challenges and individuals move on and off of the engagement as their role requires.

This model allows for maximum customization of service solutions that are built on a foundation of decades of experience. Cookie cutter we are not, but repeatable success we deliver.  

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Marketing Analytics

The onset of bar codes and scanners drove our hunger for more and more data; and when the credit card and retail industries began analyzing individual shopping behavior, the world of direct marketing was created. Today, internal and external data points are collected at such a fast pace that the analysis, and our ability to curate, and ultimately use this critical business intelligence is challenged. Not terribly long ago the term “big data” entered our vernacular as a way to describe these large data sets.

Our consulting teams implement data driven processes with an emphasis on automation and data visualization. Through this work we spot business trends, identify pain points, marketing and customer service inefficiencies, and highlight areas for improvement. When combined, you are on the path to more confident decision making and the achievement of marketing and sales efficiency, cost reductions and reduced risk.

The uniqueness in our service is that beyond the delivery of this new data ecosystem, we use data visualization techniques to deliver this rich content in a visually appealing, interactive, and dynamic manner. The primary objective of data visualization is to communicate your organization’s Key Performance indicators and business trends and drivers in a clear and concise single screen presentation—making your data more easily accessible and immediately understandable. Let us help you find the information and metrics you need to manage your business more effectively.

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Strategic Marketing & Implementation

Having a strong and clearly articulated brand differentiates your firm from the competition. A brand message delivered clearly by marketing, sales, and all other employees is critical to external and internal business success. Your brand must stand for something and appeal in unique ways to your stakeholders.

To gain clarity and get to the stories that matter, our researchers are prepared to layout a qualitative, quantitative or combined research plan. If prior research is available, we’ll start there to ensure we have what we need before recommending unnecessary spend. The insights gained from employees, customers, and prospects inform our next steps toward your brand refresh and/or launch.

The research and planning are over and now it’s time to bring your brand to life. Today, the complexity of a successful marketing initiative often requires a diverse team of marketing professionals ranging from copy writers to website designers to video producers to social media to public relations. Don’t short change your success. Get a team who gets your brand and is creative about telling your story.

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Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Smart companies know that the value of the perfect customer experience (CX) is no longer a conceptual exercise. It’s a potent reality that’s shaping companies’ performance and profitability every day. Simply stated, it’s vital to your firm’s sustainability.

The growth of customer experience strategy, design and execution has fundamentally changed over the past decades. What was a once-and-done planning project has turned into an ongoing business function, complete with its own specialists, methodologies, language and accountabilities. The emergence of Customer Journey Mapping and CX program management have become essential processes, but often lack the specific tools for successful implementation, leading managers to use a hodgepodge of unconnected, generic office software, external databases and the occasional whiteboard or butcher paper with sticky notes.

We have a better solution at Ashton212. One that unifies, automates, coordinates, organizes, streamlines the process making the work more efficient, powerful, dynamic, and even joyful. You get maximum value and use from our CX toolkit that integrates all of your emotional, functional and data driving customer information—the voices of your customer, employees and brand, social media, NPS, big data analytics, ops data and more—into the core of your customer journey maps and CX program.

Implementing our CX solution is your way to see your customers’ experience alive and presented in a perpetually updated data view that reflects their reality, your firm’s performance and informs opportunities for change.

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Customer Service Training

With an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is critical that businesses provide a superior customer experience. Buying decisions are often based on emotional drivers; therefore the ability to establish rapport, anticipate needs and exceed expectations in a consistent manner is key to customer retention and sustainable success. We help you and your teams complete a successful “handoff” of your customers as they move through the buying process and beyond. These touch points represent an important opportunity to reinforce and live your brand. We see through not only the lens of your customers, but also your team, to ensure that the interaction is as you desire it to be.

Wherever your team is along the customer interaction and service continuum, our team of consultants can create compelling training modules to enhance your customer’s consideration of your brand now and in the future.

Communications & Marketing Case Studies


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