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Companies and organizations of all sizes are faced with new initiatives that requires a team of people to address. This may be due to the timeframe in which you need the work completed or the scope of work to be accomplished. Whatever your requirements are, our communications and marketing programs are designed to provide you with the perfect combination of talent led by a seasoned Project Lead with years of accomplishment in their area of expertise.

The diverse perspectives of individual team members are woven together to create a solution designed just for you. They are selected by Project Leads for the specific skills they bring and for the specialized work that needs to be completed. When they have completed their work they roll of the project, and you incur no additional expense for their time. You get senior consultants for as long as we need them to get the job done. When compared against other options, you are assured that we will provide you with consultants who know their jobs, love their jobs, and do their jobs very well.

Our four programs were designed to  link together,  providing you with the ability to move your engagements forward using talented people secured from one consulting firm—Ashton212. The transition from one team to another is easy and seamless.

  • A successful brand repositioning may require a comprehensive brand performance analysis prepared from readily available internal data generated from multiple sources. Our Marketing Analytics team will work with you to create a product performance dashboard that visually summarizes your brand's performance in an easy to understand solution. Decisions generated from this analysis inform our Strategic Marketing & Implementation team as they set forth on the repositioning of your brand.
  • Surveys may indicate that poor customer interactions are leading to a sour customer experience. Our team of customer journey mapping professionals will map the touch points of your customers' interactions with your employees to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement. We can then deploy our customer service training team to create workshops that start with your firm's values and culture and infuses them with best practices that support your goal of enriching your customers' experience.

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