Expansion Facilitation
Small Business

For small business CEOs with revenue between $2.5M and $50M and whose leadership teams are focused on growing, our Expansion Facilitation for Small Businesses™ brings you the expertise you need to maintain marketplace relevance, spur growth and achieve sustainability—work that must be done each and every day. The goal is to lead these organizations with a comprehensive and integrated methodology. It’s about values, purpose and meaning. It’s about transforming the status quo.

Using up-to-the minute learning tools in both formal and informal settings, we help your leadership team determine your desired growth path, build your growth mindset and muscle, and identify the internal and external resources you need to achieve the results you want. Executives are led through a series of formal and information meetings, retreats and gatherings designed to assist in the definition of the current state; illuminating the sometimes unconscious behaviors that leadership may be contributing to the process; and breaking down the barriers to achieving leadership alignment. 


Contact: Sheila Lewis


Growth and Sustainability Workshops

In a rapidly shifting business and economic environment, we bring small business leaders of firms with annual revenue less than $10M assistance in areas critical to growth and sustainability. These business owners often face special challenges.

  • Isolated with little time or opportunity for peer input or support.
  • Skilled in certain areas of business management, but less proficient in others
  • Busy, with little time for personal and professional reflection and development.
  • Looking for help in motivating teams to follow their lead from vision to reality.
  • Confronted with fears that can impede the attainment of lifestyle and financial reward entrepreneurship can deliver.

Our workshops provide a learning forum for CEOs and their leadership teams to explore important ways not only to keep their businesses thriving today but also to prepare for new marketplace realities. Choose from one track or mix and match based on your organization's needs.



Experiential. Practical. Useful. From Day One.

Contact:  Sheila Lewis