Professional Search Process

Our five-phase professional search process assures you that we have thoroughly vetted the candidates we send for your approval and are confident you will be pleased with their backgrounds, skills, and professionalism.

Phase One
Initial meeting between Client and Ashton212
We meet with you and other key decision makers for the purpose of ascertaining pertinent information relative to our search. During these high level conversations we discuss core competencies and recruitment parameters for the position.
Phase Two
Develop Sourcing and Recruitment Strategy
During this time we divide our Search Team into two groups. Some begin sourcing internal and external stakeholders for potential candidates while others continue researching the position and talking with thought leaders within the defined space.
Phase Three
Candidate Research and Recruitment (5-6 weeks)
Approximately every 10 -14 days you receive “Progress Reports” keeping you apprised of our recruiting efforts.
Phase Four
Candidate Screening, Interviews and Evaluations
During this phase, we prepare and submit recruitment reports to you that include preliminary 360 degree reference checks. Final candidates the StrengthsFinder assessment and results are provide to them and submitted to you as they meet with your hiring authority. You make a job offer to the candidate of your choice.
Phase Five
Candidate Onboarding
This is where the final transition from the selected candidate’s current employer to you takes place. We conduct a criminal background and final reference check, prepare the candidate for their resignation process and provide additional onboarding services upon request.