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Women Business Owners Rock!

2/17/2019 Smart and successful women business owners are everywhere! Read More

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Aimee Allison, Founder Of She The People, Is Onto Something Big!

12/18/2018 When one woman has a vision, it can change the course of our democracy. Meet Aimee Allison, Founder of She the People. Read More

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Sheila Ellian Lewis to Keynote Minority Women Professionals’ Conference in Oakland, California

10/18/2018 The Minority Women Professionals’ Conference Series lands in Oakland, California on October 27, 2018! Ashton212’s CEO will be a keynote speaker. Join us! Read More

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How Women Lead Launches the 2018 Women Leaders of the World Initiative

8/22/2018 Women supporting and empowering other women is a win for everyone. Here's one way that the Bay Area's How Women Lead organization is leading the way - globally! Read More


What Do Introspection and Inclusion Have to Do with Diversity? Everything.

7/23/2018 Can you afford to fail at your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives? The investment of time and money will never outweigh the benefits if your initiative is done correctly. Read about 2 things that are critical to your success. Read More

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Celebrate International Women’s Day with Financial Women of San Francisco

2/28/2018 This year, International Women's Day is March 8 and the Financial Women of San Francisco are celebrating it in a big way! Read More
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Wishing You the Happiest of Holidays!

12/24/2017 What's your favorite holiday song? Read More


Thanksgiving 2017

11/20/2017 This Thanksgiving, what are you grateful for? Read More
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Happy Holidays from Ashton212!

12/23/2016 We wish you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. Read More
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Happy Thanksgiving from Ashton212!

11/22/2016 A note of gratitude to our clients and consultants, vendors and partner firms, family and friends! Read More
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In Honor of the Immigrant Veteran Legacy and Diversity

11/11/2016 This blog is dedicated to all my hermanas veteranas for serving our country, leading our troops and disrupting traditional gender roles. Read More

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SIETAR USA Welcomes Mercedes Martin and Tatyana Fertelmeyster as Conference Speakers in Tulsa, Oklahoma

10/31/2016 Mercedes E. Martin, Ashton212’s Executive Vice President, Business Transformation & Innovation, and Tatyana Fertelmeyster, Founder and Principal, Connecting Differences and SIETAR Advisory Board will facilitate a session at this year’s SIETAR conference—Intercultural Stories of Disconnection: Insights into the Polarization of People and Places—Member. Their dialogue forum titled Elections Night is Over. Do We Have a Morning After Pill? will serve to open the conversation about politics and the impact of our current political climate on the workplace. Read More

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Sheila to Speak at Women in Consulting on October 20, 2016

10/4/2016 Sheila tapped to speak on the topic of "Achieve-And Sustain-Success on Your Terms" at Women in Consulting in the South Bay on October 20, 2016. Read More
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Ashton212 Participates in Behind the Business Conference

8/30/2016 Ashton212 is proud to be a part of Oakland-based Cuisine Noir's first Behind the Business Conference. Read More
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Sheila to Speak at Women Entrepreneurs Event

1/29/2016 The Alameda County Small Business Development Center is holding an event on February 4, 2016 for women entrepreneurs. Read More
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Where Happiness and Holidays Collide

12/24/2015 The team at Ashton212 wishes you and all you love a very wonderful, safe and generous holiday and a new year full of more than you could ever imagine! Read More


Gifts That Make This Holiday Mean More


Shopping for holiday gifts, it's so easy to get caught up in the holiday sales, deals and newest Read More


Thank You!

11/25/2015 We're taking a pause here at Ashton212 to give thanks! Read More
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Meet Us at the Bay Area Women Leaders Network September 14, 2015 Event

9/11/2015 The Bay Area Women Leaders Network, led by Julie Abrams, is hosting an event on September 14, 2015 focusing on how to move the needle on women in leadership. Read More

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How Do You Define Creativity?

9/1/2015 Living life creatively? Find out what academicians and business folks think about creativity! Read More
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Shake Up Your Resume!

8/3/2015 There's no better time than now to add take your resume up another notch. See how you can quickly add new information that makes you even more appealing to hiring managers. Read More
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Guest Blogger| Ashton Associate Ruth Ross on Leaving Corporate America Behind

7/20/2015 We’ve heard from you that you enjoy knowing more about members of the Ashton Associate community including the work that they do and what’s on their minds. This month we are happy to introduce you to our guest blogger, California-based author, speaker and employee engagement expert Ruth Ross. Read More

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Bay Area Women Leaders Network | May 2015 Gathering!

5/30/2015 Our President, Mary Ann Munro, attended the May 11th "Strengthening and Supporting Courageous Leadership" panel presentation hosted by The Bay Area Women Leaders Network. Read More


2015 Has Arrived!


It’s a brand new year, and for many Read More

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Happy Holidays from Ashton212

12/22/2014 Holiday greetings! Read More
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Veteran Unemployment Higher Than for Non-Vets

11/10/2014 For all who own or run organizations, large and small, the idea of hiring veterans should become a high priority. Read More


Getting the Job Done: Gen X in the Workplace

11/3/2014 Gen Xers who are the engine of business today, providing leadership in organizations throughout the country. Read More


The Challenges of Global Management

10/20/2014 Successful globalization strategies begin with the preparedness of corporate management to recognize what they know - and what they don't. Being globally competent is a challenge some American companies may not be ready for. Read More

Welcome to the Future 

Making Plans for Emerging Roles

9/24/2014 What types of jobs will exist in the not too distant future that don't exist today? Read More
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Do Millennials Have It Right?


If you believe the popular press, Millennials are a pretty Read More

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More Contingent Workers is a Sign of Things to Come

8/25/2014 The contingent workforce is here to stay. Many reasons drive the increases we are seeing today. Read More

Keeping the Promise to Hire Vets 

Hiring Vets

1/13/2014 With the recent updates to veteran hiring benchmarks for federal contractors, there’s a lot of talk lately about the pros and cons of hiring veterans. Read More


Ashton212's CEO Sheila Lewis to Close Conference at Mills College

1/6/2014 On Friday, February 7, 2014, Sheila Lewis, Ashton212's CEO, will provide closing comments for the Mills College Graduate School of Business Black Success Conference. Read More
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Happy Holidays 

Happy Holidays!

12/31/2013 Happy New Year and be sure to join us in 2014 as we continue redefining the world of consulting! Read More
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Keeping the Promise to Hire Vets

11/11/2013 There's lots of talk about hiring vets, but it takes more than promises. Both vets and businesses need to address the cultural and language challenges in transitioning from the military to the civilian world. Read More
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Old Dogs, New Tricks?

11/4/2013 The assumption that baby boomers would follow their parents’ model and move into retirement promptly at 60 has been radically altered by the recent economic crisis and recession. We take a look at how learning options are developing to meet the needs of an older workforce. Read More
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Importance of Trust 

The Importance of Trust

10/28/2013 Employee engagement is closely tied with trust in executives - but in a fluid workplace, is trust more elusive? Read More

Millennial Leaders  

A New Wave of Leaders

10/21/2013 Millennials are increasingly taking leadership roles. What effect will this have on the business environment? Read More
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The Face of the Future Workforce 

The Face of the Future Workforce

10/14/2013 According to the latest census data, minorities will become the majority in the workforce by 2038. Read More
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Better, Faster Recruiting through Social Media

9/17/2013 Social recruiting is a coming trend and one that is very much underused right now. What can you be doing right now to make better use of social data to help locate the right employees? Read More
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The World is Going Freelance – But Should You? 

The World is Going Freelance – But Should You?

8/30/2013 Increasing numbers of workers are opting for, or being encouraged into, the freelance life. While all this sounds very positive for businesses that rely on independent workers, is that only one part of the picture? Not every job is suited to the independent or remote model. There will always be jobs where employees need to physically be in the same place at the same time and not everyone wants or is suited to the independent life. Read More
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Workforce Planning in the Age of the Consultant

7/23/2013 Figures shared by the Freelancers Union suggest that one-third of the workforce is self-employed or provides some form of contingent work. That number is increasing and recent studies suggest the proportion could hit 40 percent by the end of the decade. That's good news for consultants but it will also affect workforce planning for many businesses. Read More
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The Proper Care and Feeding of Interns

7/2/2013 With lots of businesses taking on interns for the summer, check out our tips for ensuring that everyone benefits from the arrangement. Read More
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The Changing Face of the Workforce 

The Changing Face of the Workforce

6/18/2013 According to the latest population predictions from the Census Bureau, minorities will become the majority in the workforce by 2038.In addition, the population as a whole will grow more slowly. These changes will have a dramatic effect on the workforce as we know it today. Read More
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Blue Planet Network 

The Season of Giving – Blue Planet Network

12/6/2012 We asked Lisa Nash, CEO of Blue Planet Network about leading the nonprofit and the importance of addressing the water crisis and about an easy way for people to support their work in this season of giving. Read More
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Contingency Workforce Important Part of Long-Term Business Strategy

10/1/2012 A recent report from Randstand shows 67 percent of U.S. companies using a mix of permanent and contingent workers, of whom nearly one quarter (21 percent) expect to expand their contingent workers over the next year. Read More