Business Transformation & Innovation Practice

Due to a myriad of important, and dramatic shifts in business, including globalization, a slowdown of the Western economies and increases in South America and Africa, the influx of technology, rising energy costs and regulatory requirements, business transformation is the thing that keeps executive leadership awake at night. The ability to break through the issues and achieve business goals requires attention to the internal dynamics of people and culture.

We provide business transformation services to businesses ranging from Global Fortune 100 enterprises to small business with annual revenue of $2.5 million to $50 million. Executives are led through a series of formal and information meetings, retreats and gatherings designed to assist in the definition of the current state; illuminating the sometimes unconscious behaviors that leadership may be contributing to the process; and breaking down the barriers to achieving leadership alignment. 

Whether a large corporation or small business, marketplace relevance, growth and sustainability are the work of each and every day. The goal is to lead these organizations with a more comprehensive and integrated perspective. It’s about values, purpose and meaning. It’s about transforming the status quo.

Contact:  Mercedes Martin or Sheila Lewis


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