What matters most is the way we think and work.

Our Agency

Ashton212 was founded by two highly successful businesswomen. For 16 years, our CEO Sheila Ellian Lewis owned Flyin’ West LLC, a Bay Area powerhouse marketing consultancy. Flyin’ West built its reputation through the use of consulting teams. Each seat on each team was filled by an experienced marketer with a specific skill needed for that particular engagement. These marketing veterans joined forces to share best practices, toss ideas to other team members, learn new ways of doing things, and generally, have a great time delivering an outstanding product to clients.

Over the years, high-performing teams were reunited for engagements, yielding long-lasting professional and personal relationships that continue today. This model became the foundation of our collaborative service delivery model in our Marketing & Communications Practice.  

Our President, Mary Ann Munro is a 30-year veteran of the professional staffing industry. Having cut her teeth in the corporate financial services world, she joined a start-up firm providing contingent resources in roles across the corporate enterprise. Her leadership in developing and nurturing new business yielded a multimillion-dollar client portfolio and helped inform the Ashton212 approach.

Our Philosophy 

Our business philosophy is simple: to know our clients and how they define success for each engagement; and to know our associates and what they can deliver. This means that we help you think your project through to the end to ensure that the recommendations we put forth meet or exceed your expectations, maximize your budget, and ensure that timelines are met. We listen between the lines to understand what business challenge or opportunity is driving the engagement. With the end in sight we know how to get you off to the best start.

Our Guide Posts

Our values lie at the heart of our work. They keep us aligned and inform the culture of our firm. Simply put, it’s how we show up, every day, for our clients and associates, and each other.

  • Integrity in what we do and how we do it
  • Collaboration that generates better results
  • Ingenuity that trumps creativity
  • Inclusivity because there is no other way
  • Kindness in our words and behavior
  • Celebration of the small and big wins
  • Gratitude that begins and ends each day 

What’s in a Name?

Photo Credit: Max Williams, MultiMax Audio Visual, South Carolina

We're named after a beautiful Australian Shepherd named Ashton! During our first strategy meeting, one team member made an especially big impact. Ashton took responsibility for herding the team into position, made sure his opinion was heard loud and clear and assumed the position of Chief of Security. Of course, those things come naturally to an Australian Shepherd dog – and we wanted to honor his contribution in the best way we knew how. 

On April 12, 2018, Ashton transitioned to doggie heaven. He was a loyal friend to our team and carried out his duties with only one small requirement... an occasionally doggie treat. We miss him dearly.

The 212 part of our name is a combination of numbers significant to the two founding partners — and we’re not telling any more than that. Discretion is a big part of our business after all!