Inclusivity Choice™

Achieving desired levels of diverse talent at the mid- and senior levels within organizations is hard. We know because we’ve been there and we know many of our clients struggle to find talent that reflects our diverse population. So we’ve created a process to help our clients in this critical area.

Inclusivity Choice

Our Inclusivity Choice™ approach represents a unique opportunity for clients to choose from one of the most diverse pools of consulting talent you will find. We understand that brains, productivity, collaboration, results and success are not exclusive to one kind of consultant. We know this because our diverse associates reflect these qualities, and more.

At Ashton212, we go beyond the traditional determinants of diversity—age, race, ethnicity, geography. Why? Because, just like a box of Crayola™ Crayons, the best and brightest consulting talent available doesn’t look, act, or sound the same. Simply put, we look beyond what others see to find the very best among all of us because you need every crayon in that Crayola box to get the best picture.

Inclusivity Choice is just another way that we anticipate and deliver for our clients.