Ashton212’s Select Charities

Ashton212 donates a percentage of gross revenue to benefit two nonprofits—one with an international mission and one meeting a local need.


Blue Planet Network

Ashton212 Select Charity: Blue Planet Network

The Challenge: Safe Water for All

Every 20 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. 3.6 million people worldwide die every year as a result of such diseases.

  • 1 billon people lack access to clean water and nearly 3 billion have no adequate sanitation.
  • Half of all hospital beds are filled with people with water-borne diseases
  • Women and girls waste 200 million hours a day lugging water for their families.

(Source: http://blueplanetnetwork.org/)

Lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation not only causes disease, it restricts the life and opportunities of entire communities. Children are required to scavenge for scarce water and have no time or energy to attend school.  Adults are forced to pay excessive rates to buy the water they need, and are kept in poverty, their time held hostage by the uncertainty of supplies.

Gaining access to a convenient supply of clean water is one of the simplest ways to raise a community out of desperate poverty. Yet we still have a billion people trapped in agonizing circumstances.

Sometimes it seems global issues like these are too overwhelming, too difficult to change, so we are discouraged and turn away. But Redwood City-based Blue Planet Network doesn’t shrink from the challenge, arguing passionately that even small, manageable steps make a real difference:

  • $30 provides one person with lifetime access to safe drinking water
  • $400 can create a shallow hand dug well to serve 20 families
  • $3,000 can fund a rooftop water collection system serving an entire school
  • $10,000 buys a village of 110 families a complete water system

We support Blue Planet Network in their mission to exponentially increase the impact of safe drinking water projects for people around the world. Contact Silke Knebel at silke@blueplanetnetwork.org or 415-316-5111 if you want to join their mission.


First Place for Youth

The Challenge: Preventing Vulnerable Youth from Falling Through the Safety Net

Ashton212 Select Charity: First Place for Youth

  • Every year in California, about 5,000 children are turned out of foster care when they turn 18
  • 65 percent of foster youth will face imminent homelessness
  • 20 percent  of foster youth will be arrested or incarcerated -- 70 percent of inmates at San Quentin spent time in  the foster care system
  • Only 46 percent of foster youth will complete high school and only 1 percent will graduate from college

(Source: First Place for Youth)

At age 18, youth in California’s foster care system immediately lose access to the state-funded housing, education and emotional support that has sustained them until this point. Cast adrift, young people transitioning from foster care often struggle with finding a place to live, continuing their education, or entering the workforce.

Research has shown that providing intensive services—such as housing, education and employment support—at the critical juncture when youth are aging out, helps them avoid common pitfalls and achieve real long-term self-sufficiency. 

First Place for Youth is an Oakland, CA based nonprofit that provides such vital support. It is the largest provider of housing services in the country for young people transitioning from foster care. The organization also provides much needed emotional and practical support that allows former foster youth to focus on education or finding work.  CEO Sam Cobbs says simply, “We do for these young people what our parents did for us.”

At First Place for Youth, 86 percent of the young people find secure, stable housing and 70 percent attend college – it’s working.

Take a look at this video from the James Irving Leadership Foundation to learn more about how First Place for Youth helps vulnerable young people transition smoothly from the California foster system into healthy adulthood.

First Place for Youth ensures donations make a meaningful difference at a critical time:

  • $125 can pay for professional attire for a foster youth’s first job
  • $500 can provide 25 hours of Education and Employment support services to First Place youth
  • $5,000 can cover one month of food expenses for 50 First Place youth
  • $10,000 can pay for one year of rent for a young person who might otherwise be homeless

We support First Place for Youth. Call 510-272-0979 if you’d like to support them too.

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